Global Mutual owns and operates a diverse mix of industrial assets in the UK and Europe.

Global Mutual targets single and multi-tenant industrial assets in strategic markets with identifiable asset management and capex needs such as re-leasing, refurbishment or redevelopment business plans.

Asset Management

Global Mutual Asset Management provides expert independent advice that puts our clients’ objectives first.

It draws upon our knowledge, skills and experience to provide:

  • Investment advice – sales, acquisitions and financing
  • Development advice
  • Investment and portfolio modelling
  • Setting and implementation of asset management strategies
  • A focus on value added sustainable growth and results
  • Regular evaluation and reviews of performance
  • Effective liaison with stakeholders – councils, local interest groups and adjacent owners
  • Co-ordination of all independent activities including: planning, design, marketing, leasing, retail mix, management, development, refurbishment, additional income generation, car parking, leisure and alternative use evaluation.